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We arrange for complex services

  • Diagnostic devices
  • Guarantee and post guarantee service according to the demands and recomendations of producer of passanger vehicles, utility or commercial vehicles.
  • Overhaul including oils replacement.
  • Brakes and chassis mending.
  • Body works including lacquering in cooperation with insurance companies.
  • Tyre repair including geometry.
  • Air condition service.
  • Windshields replacement and additional assembly of accessories. Settlement of insurance events shall be arranged for in cooperation with claim adjusters of relevant insurance company.
  • Clients mobility shlall be assured, our company provides also towing services; towing of crashed or broken vehicles even from abroad etc..
  • Sale and assembly of original spare parts.

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24 hours towing service (nonstop)

  • 3,5t, 7,5t and 20t
  • Assured mobility of client
  • Own towing service


Miroslav Pavlík
+420 720 577 777

Ing. Martin Pavlík
+420 777 577 777

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